Innovative New Digital Securities

Tokenized Digital Securities of Real-World Assets By SurancePlus

Democratizing access to an alternative investment class through fractionalization and offering investment opportunities to a broader global public.

Backed by strict compliance and transparency through an asset-backed digital security token that complies with U.S. Securities laws, offered by a publicly traded company NASDAQ-listed Oxbridge Re.



 SurancePlus recently closed its DeltaCat Re reinsurance capital raise. Investors in this year’s tokenized securities are EXPECTED TO RECEIVE A 42% RETURN in a loss free year.



SurancePlus is preparing for the release of its next innovative digital securities offerings.


Details to be released soon.

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More about SurancePlus

SurancePlus is an asset-backed, audited and SEC-compliant digital security / Web3-focused company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of NASDAQ listed Oxbridge Re.

Oxbridge Re, being publicly listed on the NASDAQ, not only has a high level of SEC compliance but also visibility with audited financials and all that comes with a publicly listed company.