Reinsurance Tokenized

SurancePlus offers an asset-backed tokenized reinsurance security, the DeltaCat Re token, that complies with applicable U.S. securities laws and fractionalizes reinsurance contracts. The DeltaCat Re token will pay investors an estimated 20% to 40% return in a profitable, loss-free year.

Coming soon: The DeltaCat Re Tokenized Reinsurance Security

The Smart Digital Security Investment

Complies with U.S. Securities Laws

The DeltaCat Re tokenized reinsurance security will be offered and sold to U.S. investors in compliance with exemptions from registration provided under United States securities laws.


The DeltaCat Re token is asset-backed by reinsurance contracts.

Attractive ROI

Annualized returns in a profitable year are expected to range between from 20% to 40%.


SurancePlus by Oxbridge Re Holdings

SurancePlus Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oxbridge Re Holdings, a publicly traded reinsurance holding company listed on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol “OXBR”

SurancePlus - Asset-backed Tokenized Reinsurance Digital Securities