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—Digital Reinsurance Securities Investment​—

We’re Making it Easy to Invest in Reinsurance

SurancePlus, by Oxbridge Re, offers an impressive potential 42% first year return with strict regulatory oversight to ensure your investment is always safe as monies are held in trust accounts.

Parent company, Oxbridge Re (NASDAQ: OXBR), has operated in the reinsurance industry for 10 years through its regulated reinsurance subsidiaries.

  • Solid ROI with a projected 42% in Year 1
  • Offshore investment with potential tax benefits
  • Proven track record
  • Audited financials
  • Liquidity backed by a 20% preferred return

What is Reinsurance?

Put simply, reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies. 

Insurance companies purchase reinsurance to reduce risks associated with the occurrence of exceptional, catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, that could expose them to significant losses and potentially put them out of business.

Today’s global reinsurance industry is estimated to be worth close to $500 billion. Reinsurers like Oxbridge Re provide reinsurance coverage to insurance companies and make a high return on investment whenever claims made are less than the premiums taken.

The Perfect Time for Non-Market Correlated Investments

Now more than ever, investors need financial products that are uncorrelated to the volatility of this current macro-economic backdrop. 

Reinsurance presents a great alternative investment opportunity that is decoupled from the financial markets.

Why is it decoupled? Investments in reinsurance are impacted by exceptional catastrophic events like hurricanes.  These are not directly correlated to the events originating on the stock market.

With SurancePlus by Oxbridge Re, capital invested in reinsurance is deposited into trust accounts alongside insurers’ premiums to fully collateralize reinsurance contracts with no market exposure.

SurancePlus - Market-Uncorrelated Tokenized Reinsurance Securities

Projected ROI: 42% in Year 1 & 196% ROI in 3 Years

SurancePlus - Tokenized Reinsurance Securities
Oxbridge Re NS Track Record

Because SurancePlus has democratized access to reinsurance as an investment opportunity, investors stand to gain much higher returns that were previously only available to reinsurers.

PLUS,  2023 is projected to be an El Niño year with lower expected chance of severe hurricanes leading to some of the highest reinsurance rates in recent history.

More than this, investors get unprecedented flexibility.

Want to exit during the year?  Sell your investment on a secondary market^.

Or, redeem with us:

Want to exit at the end of one year?  It’s simple.  Tell us, and we’ll return your investment plus your ROI at the time*.

Want to exit after two years?  No problem.  Tell us, and we’ll return your investment plus your ROI at the time*.

Reinsurance has never been a better investment!

^Investors will be able to sell their digital security on a secondary ATS.

*Provided there are no losses incurred and the collateral has been released from the trust accounts.  See the Private Placement Memorandum for details.

Compliance & Security Offered by Nasdaq-listed Oxbridge Re

Through its regulated reinsurance subsidiaries, Oxbridge Re has operated in the reinsurance industry for 10 years.

As a publicly traded company, Oxbridge Re is subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting requirements, and its financial statements are audited to Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) standards.

With strict regulatory oversight and longevity in the reinsurance industry, Oxbridge Re, through SurancePlus, offers investors a transparent well-designed investment opportunity that complies with U.S. Securities laws.

Investors can view all of Oxbridge Re’s public filings on the SEC website here: Oxbridge Re SEC Filings.

More than anything, know that your investment is secure, being held in trust accounts.


Innovative Technology: Each Investment Digitally Recorded on the Blockchain

Historically, Oxbridge Re offered a reinsurance investment product, through its regulated reinsurance subsidiary, Oxbridge Re NS, to high-net-worth accredited US investors that gave these investors the right to participate in the fortunes of reinsurance contracts.

Oxbridge Re created SurancePlus to evolve and democratize this product by digitizing reinsurance securities through disruptive technology. Put simply, SurancePlus will fractionalize the rights to participate in the fortunes of reinsurance contracts through Tokenization.

Tokenization converts interests in reinsurance contracts into a digital token representation that can be recorded on a blockchain network in a tamper-resistant manner. These tokens are digital representations of securities (by U.S. Securities Law) and can be called digital securities or more specifically, tokenized reinsurance securities. Ownership of tokens gives the right to proportionally participate in the associated reinsurance contracts’ fortunes.

SurancePlus will issue a series of tokenized reinsurance securities over multiple years called the Cat Re (short for “catastrophe reinsurance”) token series. The first token of the Cat Re series will be the DeltaCat Re tokenized reinsurance security to be issued in 2023.

The DeltaCat Re Digital Security is not a Cryptocurrency

It is a security, compliant with U.S. Securities law, that has been digitized to provide easier access to investors. The net proceeds of its sale will be used to fully collateralize reinsurance contracts underwritten by Oxbridge Re’s regulated reinsurance subsidiaries, and these funds will be securely held in trust accounts.

SurancePlus will sell DeltaCat Re tokens to U.S. accredited investors under Regulation D and to non-U.S. persons under Regulation S of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

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